Heavy-Duty Stretcher Bars

Whether it's because the stretched canvas you need requires shipping by freight or you simply prefer to perform your own stretching, our premium, Heavy-Duty stretcher bars are the ticket.

Our precision, hand-crafted stretcher bars feature special double mortise and tenon joints and a warp and twist resistant T-Bar construction using premium select pine with no finger-joints or knots. For more information on the available depths of the T-Bar, check out our stretched canvas options.

One unique option, only available at Fat Canvas, is our Clean Corner feature. One end of each of our T-Bar faces can be notched at just the right angle so that the canvas fold at the corner is allowed to be embedded into the bar which allows for a clean and flush finish. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, simply indicate, when ordering, whether your canvas will be a light-weight canvas or something heavier. The depth of the notch will be adjusted to better fit the thickness of the folded canvas.

The cross-braces added to our canvases are based on our own proprietary design and have distinct strength and integrity advantages. They are active rather than passive as typical cross-braces.

We say 'active' because instead of only statically countering the directional forces of the canvas, our braces are lapped and bolted onto the stretcher bars. This prevents the bar's tendency to twist inward at the center from the force of the canvas. Also, being tightly bolted allows the entire structure to act as one homogeneous unit.

Don't worry. Even though it's bolted together, the keys are still functional. Simply loosen the bolts, deepen the keys and re-tighten the bolts. Voila!

Only stainless-steel hardware is used to avoid the rust and corrosion issues typical with other materials.

All of our stretcher bar sets are shipped unassembled to save shipping costs. The package will include all of the necessary keys, cross-bars and hardware, so ordering is hassle-free.

Did you need odd or fractional dimensions? Simply enter your desired dimensions where it is prompted and we'll accommodate at no extra charge. For example, you could order a 12x16, yet indicate that you actually need 12 3/4 x17 1/2. No problem.

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