Custom Stretched Canvas

Fat Canvas is the place for all of your custom stretched canvas needs!
There are no greater time-saving options and quality features to be found anywhere else.
These stretched canvases are 'Custom' on a whole new level!

First, they can be in almost any shape. Beyond the common rectangle, which we do very well, we are rather adept in stretching several more complex and challenging geometric shapes.

Available Shapes for our Custom Stretched Canvas

  • Hexagon - even 'elongated'
  • Octagon - including panoramic
  • Pentagon
  • Heptagon (also called a Septagon)
  • Equilateral triangle
  • Diamond
  • Parallelogram (60/120 degree angles)

Bear in mind, that these are not just strainers as may be more commonly constructed for non-rectangular shaped canvases. Not these! These are true stretcher bars employing totally operable, precision double mortise and tenon joints with oversized keys already installed.

Several shapes; all with double mortise and tenon joints.Double Mortise and Tenon Joint for a Triangle Canvas

The next important feature of our custom stretcher bars is our proprietary T-Bar design.

These are not like the usual stretcher bar profiles. The T-Bar we incorporate in all of our custom stretched canvas products is specially designed to have several important attributes:

  • Strong and stable
  • Cost-effective
  • Warp-resistant
  • Select pine from renewable resources
  • Lightweight
  • Accommodates easy stretching
  • Integrates with our Active Bracing System
  • Features Clean Corners

You see, rather than using a single thick and heavy piece of wood, with the idea that it's the better way to go, we join a face bar with a rib member, which provides strength in the two primary directions, creating the ideal 'T-Bar' - the perfect structure for a stretcher bar profile.

Why is this better? Well, for one thing, the grain, which defines the directional strength and the warp tendencies of each particular cut of wood, is dissimilar in each piece. This means that there is added strength and a greater resistance to warping. In addition, both vertical and horizontal strength is covered by these two members. More is not better. More material just adds unnecessary weight.

So, what we have is a lean, mean stretcher bar that functions like it's 'FAT'.

These commonly available select pine boards, from renewable resources, are more economical than the specialized lumber many stretcher bar manufactures typically use. And often, to cut costs, they end up using finger-jointed lumber. (That's a whole other issue, all by itself.)

Our T-Bar also facilitates easier stretching since it has the perfect lip for leverage, just 3/4" from the canvas edge. This makes stretching a dream! You might be inclined to just buy our stretcher bar sets instead and stretch them yourself, since we can supply you with your choice of several pre-cut canvas fabrics, primed and ready to go.

Either way, the result is a solid stretcher.


Active Bracing System

In addition, we have developed a bracing system that is a huge improvement over typical designs. Our 'Active' cross-bracing system is built to interface with our T-Bar stretcher bar frame. We use the word 'active' to differentiate it from the typical passive bracing methods where the brace is simply a brace, spanning the bars to prevent them from bending inward.

In contrast, our braces are completely lapped onto the stretcher bars and bolted tight. This is very important because it actively keeps the stretcher bar not only from bending inward but also from twisting inward from the tension of the stretched canvas! When it's all bolted up, the entire structure functions as one stable homogeneous unit. Talk about structural integrity!

And get this! The entire assembly is still keyable! Yes, even though it is designed to be bolted, the keys are still functional. If the canvas were to go slack and needed retensioning, simply loosen the bolts temporarily, drive the keys deeper and re-tighten the bolts. Super easy!

As an added bonus - the bolts act as backup to the keys. If the keys were to fail, the bolts maintain the structure as if nothing happened.

Those advantages are simply not available on typical bracing methods.

Now, for large geometric stretched canvases, it can be rather difficult to configure the necessary cross-bracing. But, we have that all figured out for you and you'll have confidence that the bracing will function as intended, just as they would for any of our custom stretched canvases.

Clean Corner Feature

Finally, we have our proprietary Clean Corner feature that is built into every stretched canvas and is also an available option for stretcher bar kits.

What is the Clean Corner feature?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to avoid that ugly triangular bulge near the corners of your gallery-wrapped canvas caused by the folded excess canvas material? Well, our custom stretched canvases simply don't have that problem! We've almost completely eliminated it - not the excess canvas - just the bulge. The sides of the canvas are smooth all around. What we did was to precisely notch the bar where the material can be recessed into it so the entire surface of the canvas is flush. Problem solved! This is done even with our geometric canvases - different angle - same result.

Voila! - perfect presentation of your artwork.

Now, that just covers the basic but very useful features. There's more.

Custom Stretched Canvas Options

Our custom stretched canvases aren't just 'custom-sized'. They are more true to the term 'custom' because we have several options to choose from, so we can cater to your every need and build your canvas just the way you want it:

  • Three depths (1.5", 2" and 2.5")
  • Several canvas fabrics
  • Stainless-Steel or Copper Tacks
  • Edge Treatment (au naturel or painted black)
  • Canvas Toning - several earth tones to choose from
  • Packaging - Standard shipping/storage box or upgrade to the ArtPorter
  • Odd or fractional dimensions, if needed, for no extra charge

You can read the details of each of these options by visiting Stretched Canvas Options.

So, if you have particular needs and your usual sources aren't providing them, check out our products.
If what we offer is close but still not quite what you need, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help.

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