Custom Stretched Canvas

Premium Custom Stretched Canvases from Fat Canvas

Fat Canvas is the place for all of your custom stretched canvas needs!
There are no greater time-saving options and quality features to be found anywhere else.
These stretched canvases are 'Custom' on a whole new level!

First, they can be in almost any shape. Beyond the common rectangle, which we do very well, we are rather adept in stretching several more complex and challenging geometric shapes.

Available Shapes for our Custom Stretched Canvas

  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Hexagon - even 'elongated'
  • Octagon - including panoramic
  • Pentagon
  • Septagon (also called a Heptagon)
  • Equilateral triangle
  • Diamond
  • Parallelogram (60/120 degree angles)

One important feature of our custom stretcher bars is our proprietary T-Bar design.

These are not like the usual stretcher bar profiles. The T-Bar we incorporate in all of our custom stretched canvas products is specially designed to have several important attributes:

  • Strong and stable
  • Cost-effective
  • Warp-resistant
  • Select Radiata Pine or Birch
  • Lightweight
  • Accommodates easy stretching
  • Integrates with our Active Bracing System
  • Easy tensioning by Turning a Dial!

You see, rather than using a single thick and heavy piece of wood, with the idea that it's the better way to go, we join a face bar with a rib member, which provides strength in the two primary directions, creating the ideal 'T-Bar' - the perfect structure for a stretcher bar profile.

Why is this better? Well, for one thing, the grain, which defines the directional strength and the warp tendencies of each particular cut of wood, is dissimilar in each piece. This means that there is added strength and a greater resistance to warping. In addition, both vertical and horizontal strength is covered by these two members. More is not better. More material just adds unnecessary weight.

So, what we have is a lean, mean stretcher bar that functions like it's 'FAT'.

Our T-Bar also facilitates easier stretching since it has the perfect lip for leverage, just 3/4" from the canvas edge. This makes stretching a dream! You might be inclined to just buy our stretcher bar sets instead and stretch them yourself, since we can supply you with your choice of several pre-cut canvas fabrics, primed and ready to go.

Either way, the result is a solid stretcher.

DaVinci Stretcher Bar System

Our stretcher bars feature the DaVinci Stretcher Bar System, our specially engineered auto-squaring and precise-tensioning corner joints and bracing. When you desire a more taut canvas, forget reaching for a hammer to drive keys into the corners like a caveman! The DaVinci corners utilize a cam-based tensioner coupled with a numbered dial, so you simply tighten each corner and bracing ends using a common screwdriver - easy, precise and risk-free.

Active Bracing System

The cross-braces of the DaVinci system are based on our own proprietary design and have distinct strength and integrity advantages. Rather than being simply passive spacers anchored between bars, these braces incorporate specially engineered parts that actively interface with the T-Bar having extra long and thick tines preventing the stretcher bar from twisting or rolling from the force of the tensioned canvas. Just as the DaVInci corners do, these bracing ends allow precise and careful tensioning control. No more beating your precious artwork with a hammer!

Now, that just covers the basic but very useful features. There's more.

Custom Stretched Canvas Options

Our custom stretched canvases aren't just 'custom-sized'. They are more true to the term 'custom' because we have several options to choose from, so we can cater to your every need and build your canvas just the way you want it:

  • Four depths (7/8", 1.5", 2" and 2.5")
  • Several canvas fabrics
  • Edge Treatment (gloss black)
  • Canvas Toning - several earth tones to choose from
  • Packaging - Standard shipping box or upgrade to the ArtPorter, our special art shipping case
  • Odd or fractional dimensions, if needed, for no extra charge

You can read the details of each of these options by visiting Stretched Canvas Options.

So, if you have particular needs and your usual sources aren't providing them, check out our products.
If what we offer is close but still not quite what you need, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help.