Custom Canvas Strainer

Premium Custom Canvas Strainer from Fat Canvas

While canvas stretchers are popular, quality canvas strainers have some distinct advantages and are preferred by many artists.

Our premium custom canvas strainers are among the best available anywhere in the world, and are constructed using our super-straight T-Bars, which are coated with shellac to shield the archival canvas from wood acids. The corner joints are perfectly aligned and joined with beefy hardwood dowels for the utmost integrity and strength.

The cross-braces of our premium canvas strainers also incorporate hefty hardwood dowels to provide a solid interface with the T-Bar, preventing any twisting or rolling from the force of the tensioned canvas.

Keep in mind that these are not run-of-the-mill studio canvas strainers. The quality of these premium canvas strainers are such that they are intended to be life-long, archival support for your valuable works of art. So, in that respect we feel they each deserve to be shipped in their own individual reusable shipping/storage case. These specially designed cases provide secure positioning and suspension of the canvas during shipping and other transporting events, and the hat-box design allows for careful and easy access to the canvas.