Don't you hate looking at that triangular bulge at every corner of your gallery-wrapped canvas?

So unsightly and annoying!

I mean, that was the reason to put the staples in the back - so the sides would be smooth. It gets even worse with very heavy canvases.

Some solutions to this problem include placing the folds above and below so they are not seen, but you don't always know the orientation of the finished painting. Rotate the canvas 90 degrees and now you're stuck looking at all four folds! Another option is to cut the excess canvas right up to the corner. That's not a good option at all, as most conservators will tell you. Preferably, for archival purposes, the extra canvas all around is better left intact for any necessary re-stretching.

So, what can you do?

Get a Fat Canvas!

Our custom stretched canvases simply do not have these ugly bulges at the corners. We have completely eliminated them and we do it without cutting the canvas. The edge of the stretched canvas is smooth and uniform, as it should be.

So, how do we manage clean corners?

We precisely notch one end of the outer face of each bar to allow the excess thickness created by the folded canvas to recess into the bar and become flush with the face of the bar. The depth of the notch is adjusted depending on the thickness of the canvas. The effect is a near invisible fold.

Also, even though it's at different angles, each of our geometric canvases have the Clean Corner feature!

Finally! Clean Corners!