Canvas Stretcher Bars


Many artists prefer to stretch their own canvases so they have more precise control over the process. These kits have the same design and construction as our pre-stretched custom stretched canvases, as they also utilize our proprietary DaVinci Stretcher Bar System, our specially engineered auto-squaring and precise-tensioning corner joints and on our super-straight T-Bars, which are coated with shellac to shield the archival canvas from wood acids.

After stretching your canvas, if you desire it to be more taut, forget reaching for a hammer to drive crude keys into the corners like a caveman! The DaVinci corners utilize a cam-based tensioner coupled with a numbered dial, so you simply tighten each corner and bracing ends using a common screwdriver - easy, precise and risk-free.

Now, when we say 'custom', we mean it! Choose among several bar profile depths, premium pine or birch panel and canvas fabrics.

Your stretcher bars are shipped bundled, ready for quick and easy assembly. Parts line up perfectly. Being bundled will save you considerable shipping charges. However, you should consider adding the ArtPorter to your purchase to provide the utmost protection to the final stretched painting. This would be a welcome perk for your collectors. This special art shipping case has a rigid, puncture-resistant hardboard panel for reinforcement on both faces of the box to protect valuable paintings from all sorts of trauma and potential damage.