ArtPorter - Art Shipping Box

How would you like, as a serious, concerned fine artist, to sleep better at night knowing the valuable paintings you have just shipped out will arrive intact and unharmed?

Well, now you can!

The ArtPorter is the most economical and practical way to safeguard valuable fine paintings during all of their travels:

  • field work (au plein aire painting)
  • shipping, including by freight
  • moving to a new residence or new office
  • safe and easy storage
  • transporting to/from galleries, art shows, framers, photographers, museums

Why should we burden our collectors with the hassle of trying to safely move their investments from here to there? Shouldn't we make it easier for them?

The ArtPorter is the answer!

Along with sturdy corners and sides to take on compression forces, the top and bottom faces on the ArtPorter are reinforced with a strong, puncture-resistant, laminated high-density hardboard and 1/2" honeycomb cardboard panels. Why do we use this combination? Well, the hardboard is strong, but flexible and the honeycomb cardboard pad is rigid but weaker. When laminated together, they gain the best attributes of each, so now we have a puncture-resistant, rigid panel that can withstand a variety of significant forces. It may not be completely indestructible, but it comes really close.

Don't leave your fine paintings vulnerable any longer. Fit each one with it's very own ArtPorter!

Every ArtPorter comes with several high-impact cushion blocks, strategically-placed, and hardboard-laminated panels lining the top and bottom inner faces. We also ship the ArtPorters stretch-wrapped so it doesn't arrive all scuffed up.

These reinforced art shipping boxes are specially designed with both the artist and the art collectors in mind. In addition to the artist having peace of mind when shipping their paintings, they gain the ability to easily transport and showcase an entire series of paintings, perhaps while actually sitting in the ArtPorter!

Including the ArtPorter with the painting, you will be doing your collectors a huge favor. They will now feel confident handling their investment themselves without being forced to hire professional movers at every turn. If they buy the work directly from your studio or art show, it will be so easy to just take it home, even with an SUV full of kids!

Think about it. Perhaps the ArtPorter helps you finally make the sale to a jittery would-be collector?

So, quit wrestling with bubble-wrap, foam and loose-fitting boxes. Stop forcing your collectors to deal with disposable packaging only to be in a bind when they face the prospect of moving to a new house with their growing art collection.

Stretched canvases, or finished paintings have several requirements during transport:

  • vibration protection
  • crush protection
  • drop protection
  • twist resistance
  • puncture resistance
  • uncompromised painting surface
  • moisture protection

The ArtPorter meets these needs much better than any other packaging system. The added bonus is that the canvas is so much more accessible. Open the box and voila! Try that with a bubble-wrapped painting.

Remember, the one cardinal rule for shipping fine paintings is that nothing (other than possibly a sheet of glassine or cotton gloves) should ever become pressed into or even come in contact with the paint surface. That includes bubble wrap. The ArtPorter respects this rule and is designed to protect the integrity of the painting in every regard.

For your convenience and significant savings, the ArtPorter is available as a discounted option with all of our custom stretched canvases.

So,for peace of mind for yourself and a hassle-free option for your collectors, fit every one of your valuable paintings with their very own ArtPorter.

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